VIP Sports Bar

VIP Sports Bar

Looking to see the latest game? The V.I.P Sports Bar is the place to be. Serving up specialty drinks, snacks and the latest in sports news from a multitude of TVs that can be seen from anywhere in the room, this nod to all popular sports is a great place for V.I.P Members to come, kick back and cheer for your favorite team.

Dress code: Casual

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– No Resort Fee
– Free Ocean World Tickets
– 8 Guest Al La Carte Restaurants
– 6 VIP Al La Carte Restaurants
– 10 Lite Fare Restaurants
– 2 Full Service Buffets
– 30+ Premium Bars
– 2 Spas
– 12+ Luxury Pools
– 5 Awesome Beaches
– Evening Entertainment

Enjoy the life of luxury.


VIP Sports Bar



Crunchy Munchies

Organic Corn Tortilla Chips, Served with Freshly Made Salsa or
Nacho Cheese Sauce


Passion Cesar Salad

Organic Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes and Passion Caesar Dressing


Miami South Beach Diet

Mix of Organic Capsicums, Green Lettuce, Plum Tomatoes, Onions, English Cucumbers,
Drizzled With Champagne Mustard Vinaigrette


Organic Turkey Cobb Salad

Freshly Sliced Deli Style Turkey, Topped On A Bed of Tossed Salad


Finger Licking Chicken

Chicken Wings Fried to Perfection and Tossed in Your Choice of BBQ Sauce,
Honey Mustard or Buffalo Sauce


Ballpark Chili and Cheese Beef Hot Dogs

Beef Chili, Melted Cheddar Cheese, Chopped Onions, Hot Mustard, Mayo and Ketchup

Touchdown Turkey Club Sandwich

Thinly Sliced Boars Head Deli Style Turkey, Organic Local Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Mozzarella Cheese, Spreaded With Herbed Aioli


Everything But The Kitchen Sink

All American Black Angus Beef Pattie Smothered and Covered with Beef Chili,
Grilled Onions, Cheese, Bacon, Coleslaw, Lettuce, Tomato and a Hickory BBQ Sauce,
Served with your Choice of Organic Garden Salad or French Fries.


Organic Garden Burger

6 oz Veggie Pattie Made with Soy Beans, Pinto Beans & Mixed Vegetables, Topped with
Grilled Onions, Coleslaw, Lettuce, Tomato and a Tangy Pineapple BBQ Sauce.


Panini Sandwiches & Pita Pockets

All Sandwiches are Served Upon Generous Slices of Fresh Italian Bread or Freshly Baked Pita Bread.
Your choice of, Caesar Salad, Ham & Cheese or Turkey. Served with French Fries or Coleslaw

Snacks are Served from 11 am – 5pm




Kahlua, Bailey’s & Rum 151



Brandy, Sambuca, Green Mint Liquor, Grenadine,and a touch of Rum


Sol & Sombra

Sambuca & Brandy


Green Finger

Green Mint Liquor & Bailey’s


La Cucaracha 

Tequila & Kahlua


Mama Juana

Rum, Red Wine & Honey, soaked in tree barks & herbs


Flat Liner

Vodka, Sambuca, & Tobasco Sauce


Planter’s Punch

Dark Rum, Mixed Fruit Juice, Grenadine & Soda



Dark Rum, White Rum, Brandy, Mixed Fruit Juice & Grenadine



Vodka, Cointreau & Mixed Fruit Juice


White Russian

Vodka, Kahlua & Cream


Tom Collins

Gin, Lime Juice & Soda


Happy Lifestyle

Vodka, Triple Sec, Rum 151 & Orange Juice



Dark Rum & Hot Chocolate


Lifestyle Luxury Villa

Gin, Amaretto, Cream & Grenadine


Sol Dominicano

Vodka, Tequila, Amaretto, Mixed Fruit Juice & Grenadine



Pineapple Juice, Coconut Cream, Cream of Milk & Rum 151



Sambuca & Bailey’s


Coco Loco

Coconut Water, Coconut Cream, Cream of Milk, Grenadine & Rum 151


Banana Mamacita

Banana, Cream of Milk, Grenadine & Rum 151


Long Island Iced Tea

Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec, Rum, Lemon Juice & CokeCola


Brandy Alexander

Brandy, Cocoa Liquor & Cream


Sex on the Beach

Vodka, Peach Liquor, Grenadine & Orange Juice


Soft Drinks

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Seven Up, Miranda Orange, Soda Water, Tonic Water, Still Water, Assorted Fruit Juice