El Pilon

El Pilón

Want to sample dishes from the typical Dominican kitchen? The Pylon is the right place. Full of fresh aromas and fresh fish of the day, this is an authentic way to savor the true gastronomic culture.

Open: 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Dress code: Casual

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Soups and Traditional Dominican Appetizers

Dominican Sancocho

The most famous dish from the Dominican Republic. The soup is a mixture of Pork, Chicken and Beef with local vegetables: pumpkin, banana, sweet potato and other organic home grown vegetables

Organic Mixed Green Palm Salad

This seafood salad is a traditional Dominican appetizer in the North and includes a variety of seafood with garlic, lemon lime and other natural spices

Fried Lambi of the Caribbean

Tender pieces of local Lambi (conch), fried to perfection with a slightly spicy marinade

Red Snapper Ceviche of the Atlantic

North Coast Red Snapper fillets cut into strips, marinated for 12 hours in lemon lime and fresh herbs and spices that make this dish a very tasty one

Main Dishes

Whole Fish Style Maimon

This very fresh fish is prepared for you the way that you’d like. The traditional way is with a little flour and herbs or if desiring fewer calories you can have it roasted to your taste. Served with steamed Yucca Plantains and Corn on the Cob

Pie Pan

Dominican version of Lasagna without Pasta. Uses a Purée of Green Bananas, USDA grade Ground Sirloin and Rice. Has three layers and is covered with field cheese (Dominican cheese fresh from the field). Baked to perfection

Pylon Chicken with Sweet Tamarind

Our favorite dish with sweet spices that permeate the chicken. Served with Gandules, Rice and Molodrones

House Prepared Grilled Sausage

We feature our own butchers that prepare the spicy spices to prepare the Ground Pork Sausage roasted with herbs; the real flavor of the Dominican Republic. Served with Potato Salad and White Rice with a Creole Sauce (Tomato and Pepper Stew)

Smoked Pork Ribs with Passion Fruit

Dominican Smoked Pork Ribs covered with a Demi Glaze of the Exotic Passion Fruit, something sweet and flavorful. Served with a Roasted Sweet Potato

Fillet Roast Tampica

Marinated in 17 spices and Organic Dominican Herbs, the Skirt Steak is prepared how you want. Served with White Rice, Dominican Beans and Fried Organic Onions


Corn Pudding

A sweet purée of corn sweetened with Dominican Sugarcane. Something that you should try while you are here

Rice Pudding

The Dominican’s most famous dessert is rice with milk. This rice is sweetened with local cinnamon and sugar, giving it a great taste at the end of your meal.

Sweet Coconut

Local Coconut grated and cooked in warm milk. Coconut is one of the most used fruits in the Dominican Republic.

Sweet Beans

A dessert of Sweet Beans mixed with fresh Coconut Milk, Brown Sugar, Fresh Cow Milk and Cinnamon Sticks. This dessert will leave the night satisfied.