All Inclusive Eden Vacations Blues Restaurant

Blues Restaurant

Blues Restaurant

Blues features a high-end, Kosher style buffet for breakfast and lunch including international dishes from around the world and different specialty items daily on the grill such as blackened fresh grouper, lamb, and fresh homemade pasta. An organic salad bar is also featured. Blues is located in the Presidential Suites area of the Resort, adjacent to JAZZ specialty restaurant and the Bourbon Street Bar.

Breakfast: 7:00 am - 10:30 am
Lunch 12:30 am - 3:00 pm
Dinner 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

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Kosher Buffet Menu

Salad Menu

Lettuce Salad,     Cole Slaw (Red and White),     Pepper Salad,     Israeli Salad,     Radish Salad,     Carrot Salad,     Moroccan Carrot Salad,     Eggplant (Babaganoush),     Eggplant (Round from the oven),     Eggplant (Cooked),     Eggplant with Olive,     Mushroom Salad,     Olive Salad with Celery,     Potato Salad,     Waldorf Salad,     Vietnamese Salad,     Endive,     Anise,     Tehina,     Salad Variel,     Chumus,     Tabouli,      Chopped Liver (chicken)

Fish Menu

Fried Fish Italienne,      Teriyaki Fish,     Moroccan Fish,     White Fish with Carrot,     Fish on the Grill,     Fish Brochette/ Friend fish/ Poached Fish/ Steamed Fish,     Fish in Mustard Sauce,     Moroccan Fish Balls,     Gefilte Fish with Borscht

Chicken Menu

Honey Garlic Chicken,     Lemon Chicken,     Paprika Chicken,     Olive Chicken,     Barbecued Chicken,     Pepper Chicken,     Chicken with Celery,     Chicken Breast with Pineapple,     Valentine Chicken,     Stuffed Chicken,     Chicken Cacciatore,     Mushroom Chicken with Shallot,     Breaded Chicken Breast with Teriyaki Sauce,     Chicken Loaf,     Miami Chicken,     Mediterranean Chicken,      Schnitzel,      Grilled Chicken,      Baby Chicken,     Brochette Chicken,     Shawarma Chicken,     Chicken Steak,     Glazed Chicken

Selection of Pasta Specialties

Selection of Chinese Specialties

Meat Menu

Miami Ribs,     Goulash,     Lamp Chops,     Pepper Steak,     Burgers,     Meat Balls (Moroccan and Swedish),     Moussaka,      Tomato Beef Stew with green beans,     Lamb Stew,     Italian Beef Sausage,     Brisket,     Meat Shawarma,     Grilled Brochette,     Steak

Stuffed Foods

Zucchini,     Cabbage,     Pepper,     Eggplant,     Tomato / Potato

Side Dishes

Assorted Italian Vegetables,     Grilled Vegetables,     Italian Potatoes,     Roasted Potatoes,     Paprika Potatoes,     Mashed Potatoes,     Steamed Carrots,     Spanish Rice,     Sautéed Green Beans,     Yellow Rice,     White Rice,     Zucchini with Onion,     Steamed Celery

Soup Menu

Vegetable Soup,     Onion Soup,     Chicken Soup with Matzoh Balls,     Sweet Potato Soup,     Carrot Soup,     Tomato Soup with Rice,     Squash Soup,     Pea Soup,     Cream of Mushroom Soup,     Cream of Asparagus Soup,     Cream of Broccoli Soup,     Lentil Soup,     Green Lentil Soup

Children’s Menu

Fish and Chips,     Chicken Fingers,     Chicken Wings,     Fried Chicken with Barbecue Sauce,     Burgers,     Hot Dogs,     Baked Ziti